Tile and Grout Cleaning In Dublin, California

Every March, the city of Dublin, California puts on its best welcome for Tri-Valley neighbors and travelers from afar who come for the great party at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Fair. From song and dance, to music and drink, to a ride on the Ferris wheel, this annual event puts Dublin on the map. City officials, entertainers and vendors do all they can to make the celebration inviting and memorable, and this grand gesture of hospitality is one we’d all like to emulate in our own entertaining. We know you take pride in running a home that offers a warm welcome to guests year-round, and at Eminent Carpet Cleaning, we are up to the task of keeping one of most visible surfaces in your abode spotless with our professional tile and grout cleaning service.

Remember The Day You Moved Into Your New Home In Dublin, CA?

You came in and out the doors a hundred times with packing boxes, and every time you stepped into your new place, each little detail of it stood out to you. The paint, the natural light, the sound of your voice in the new rooms, the wall-to-wall carpeting, the tile flooring in the kitchen and bath. Because it was unfamiliar, you were really seeing your surroundings with fresh eyes. It takes a few weeks, or even months, to become comfortable in a new space, and then, sometimes we get a little too comfortable. We stop noticing that upholstered furniture looks saggy and dingy, that carpets have spots or that our tile floors just aren’t as bright as they were on moving day. Most of us appreciate a lived-in look, but when that changes to an overlooked appearance, we stop feeling as proud of our house when we’re walking around it and may be less inclined to offer hospitality.
Take a minute to put your house to the test right now. The key areas to examine are walls, windows and floor surfaces. Walls and windows are easy to dust and clean, but if you’re only armed with a store-bought mop in tackling kitchen, bath or laundry room floors, soil will build up no matter how frequently you clean. Step over to the least-used area of your tiled floor and look at the grout rather than at the individual tiles. Now, compare that with the grout in the area where you walk most frequently. Do you see darker grout in the high traffic zone? This is exactly what your mop is failing to address. Only professional tile and grout cleaning will restore the bright cleanliness of your tiled floors.



Your Immaculate Tile Floor Is Just 6 Easy Steps Away

First, give Eminent Carpet Cleaning a call at (925) 570-0833 or email us at info@eminentcarpetcleaning.com for a free quote.
Second, you will see our company van arrive and a uniformed technician will knock on your door, on time. A visual inspection of your tile flooring will be performed. 
Our third step involves pre-treating the entire surface with a unique solution designed to break down the buildup of grease and oil on and between your tiles.
We’ll perform a fourth step if the tiling is extra dirty. Our technician will use a brush to hand-work the spray into the grout.
In step 5, we will rev up our powerful, truck-mounted machine. Your floor will be expertly treated with high pressure hot water. Once this is accomplished, all soil will be gone.
Optionally, we can perform a sixth step for you. You can request that we professionally seal your grout to prolong its future resistance to grimy buildup.
Our best-in-class tile and grout tools provide results that are worth every penny.

Our Work Wins 5 Star Reviews

Your Tri-Valley neighbors have gone out of their way to leave wonderful reviews of Eminent Carpet Cleaning on Yelp. We are convinced that our recipe for success is made up of a combination of caring, professional customer service and world-class cleaning technologies. You will be treated with respect and consideration by every member of our team. You will be quoted an honest, competitive rate for our tile and grout cleaning services. And, we hope that after our visit, you will feel so good about our work that you would recommend us to a friend.
We feel lucky to be doing business with such great local people in Dublin, CA. and we’re committed to helping you keep your home beautiful and hospitable 365 days a year.