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Needy carpets get neat-as-a-pin clean with our residential and commercial carpet cleaning services in Livermore, Dublin, Pleasanton, San Ramon, and the entire Tri-Valley.

Think of us for pet stain and odor removal, steam cleaning, and Scotchgard protection. We do tile and grout cleaning, too!

Eminent Carpet Cleaning

Do You Have Very Dirty Carpets In The Tri Valley Area?

Phone Eminent Carpet Cleaning today at (925) 570-0833 for outstanding carpet cleaning results! Our clients in Livermore, Dublin, Pleasanton and San Ramon call us 'miracle-workers', but we know the secret to our carpet cleaning 'magic' is in the superior quality of the tools, machines and products we own and the dedication of our skilled technicians. If you've got an area of carpet in your home that is so dirty, you fear you may have to budget for the high cost of replacing it, call us first! We can get even very dirty carpets astonishingly clean again and we want to show you our work in action because we know that seeing is believing!

Video Of Cleaning A Very Dirty Living Room Carpet In Pleasanton, CA.

In the above video, you can see just how dirty this living room carpet had become. If you've got a lively family of kids or pets, daily room usage can eventually lead to soiled carpets like this, even if you vacuum regularly. Home vacuum's cannot replicate the deep cleaning results professional carpet cleaning tools provide. We saved this Pleasanton homeowner from having to have his wall-to-wall carpet replaced, and we are ready to come to your home to show you how we can do the same for you. Our local carpet cleaning company has taken the rug in this example from worrisome to welcoming – this room is now one that the homeowner can be proud to invite people into once again!

Video Of Cleaning A Very Dirty Hallway Carpet In Dublin, CA.

In the above video, you can see what our carpet cleaning technicians see every day: a high traffic area of the home that has become much more soiled than other rooms of the house that see less usage. Hallways are especially prone to suffer from foot traffic. Active families track in mud, dust and all manner of debris throughout the year and suddenly, the realization hits in that the carpet has become incredibly dirty, despite regular vacuuming. With just one carpet cleaning appointment, Eminent Carpet Cleaning was able to bring a major, visible improvement to a very dirty hall carpet, saving the owner the cost of having to replace it. We can do the same for you!

Remember that Eminent Carpet Cleaning offers both residential and commercial carpet cleaning. High traffic areas of your home or business are in qualified hands with us.

Our Tri-Valley Carpet Cleaning Company's ToolsHow Eminent Carpet Cleaning Gets Results You Can't Get With A Home Vacuum

We combine the power of our high end truck mount machine with the unique technology of the Hydramaster RX-20. We are one of the very few companies in the entire San Francisco Bay Area that owns this costly and superior commercial cleaning device. The RX-20, which you've seen in action in the above videos, actually lifts up the individual carpet fibers and cleans them on all sides while its five vacuum heads and spray jets rotate at 150 RPMs. No home vacuum cleaner can compete with this technology.

The commitment of our staff of carpet cleaning experts to a job well done plays a big part in the success of our results, too. The time, effort and elbow grease that go into getting tough on the dirt that is soiling and staining your carpet takes a professional level of patience and attention to detail. We love our work and feel proud when you come home to carpets that are so much cleaner, they look like they are new.

Call us today at (925) 570-0833 to set up an appointment during which we will assess the best possible methods for giving even your dirtiest carpets a new lease on life.

How Often Should You Have Your Carpets Cleaned Professionally?

We know that life gets busy and that your carpets may be the last thing on your mind until you suddenly notice how soiled they've become since you last took a really good look at them. If your whole home is feeling dingy or less-than-fresh, look right down at your feet and examine the state of your carpets. The appearance of these rugs that cover whole large areas of your home has an absolutely major impact on the overall appeal of your abode.

If your home isn't terribly busy or active, having your carpets professionally cleaned every 12 months will likely be enough to ensure a year-round cleanly appearance. Our clients with kids or pets find that they can best achieve the cleanliness they desire with 2 – 3 professional carpet cleaning appointments annually. For upholstery, we recommend professional cleaning at least every 18 months.

We will work directly with you to create a custom carpet cleaning schedule for your home or business so that your environment is living up to your standards of cleanliness. Hire us once, and we believe the satisfaction we provide will ensure that you think of Eminent Carpet Cleaning every time you need a carpet cleaned in the Tri-Valley Area. We're looking forward to hearing from you!

Phone (925) 570-0833 today to book an appointment!
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