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Pet Stain & Odor Removal in the Tri-Valley Area

If you live in Livermore, Pleasanton, Dublin, San Ramon or anywhere in the Tri-Valley and pet stains and odors are marring the comfort and cleanliness of your home, call Eminent Carpet Cleaning today at (925) 570-0833. We come to you in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties with the ultimate combination of pet stain and odor removal tools and products. Let us make home life sweet again for you and your pets!

For pet odor on wall to wall carpet, Eminent Carpet Cleaning has two ways of treating odor:

pet stain and pet odor removal, tri-valley ca1. Minor Odor Treatment

Eminent carpet cleaning uses the best deodorizers, which are designed to be safe for people and safe your family. The enzyme is sprayed on each urine spot before cleaning to eat up the urine bacteria. This procedure will help reduce odor but is not intended on removing severe odor as this is merely treating the surface of the carpet. If you can smell the odor when you walk in the room, this is not minor odor. This will help reduce or control the problem, not eliminate it. Minor odor can only be smelled if you are on your hands and knees or on a humid day. The amount of enzymes needed depends on the severity of the problem.

2. Moderate Odor Treatment

Water claw sub surface extraction. With this process, we saturate the spot with a special oxidizing deodorizer so the cleaning agent reaches into the padding. We then use the “water claw” sub surface extractor to pull the urine out. This process will reduce the odor significantly, but may or may not completely cure severe problems. Moderate odor treatment is not guaranteed. CAUTION: SHOULD BE USED IF THERE IS WOOD BENEATH THE CARPET.

FAQ on Pet Odor

We carry the best products on the market for any job we do. pet stain and pet odor removal, tri-valley ca

When our carpet cleaning company comes to you in Pleasanton, Dublin, San Ramon or Livermore to treat pet odors and pet stains, it's important to us that you fully understand what we're doing and why we're doing it. From our carpet cleaning work throughout the Tri-Valley region in the San Francisco Bay Area, we've learned that many customers have the same questions and the following should answer many of your most common queries. Have a question that isn't answered here? Call Eminent Carpet Cleaning at (925) 570-0833 for a helpful, personal response.

Can you remove pet urine stains on carpet and upholstery?

We have a success rate of about 80-90%. However, the success depends largely on how long the stain has been in the fiber. Pet urine can cause permanent damage to textiles as well as create an unhealthy indoor living environment if not removed promptly. When urine is first deposited onto a carpet or fabric, it is in a neutral state. This means it is easier to remove when it is fresh. Once the urine is allowed to dry it turns to alkaline (thus the ammonia odor) and becomes more difficult to remove. If left for months, depending on the fiber type, it could permanently change the dye structure of the fabric and cause the fiber to deteriorate. To prevent permanent staining, clean urine deposits immediately. If permanent staining occurs, we may be able to dye the spot at an additional cost.

pet stain and pet odor removal, tri-valley caWhat can be done about urine odor?

We normally use enzymes or a professional grade deodorizer to treat urine. There is a small extra charge for each quart. First, we use a special urine detector to pinpoint exactly where the urine deposits are. Then we spray enzymes only on the affected areas. The enzymes actually eat up urine bacteria. These enzymes are also for sale for you to use between cleanings. Urine is one stain we cannot have any guarantees on. The stains could be permanent, although we usually have a very good chance of removal.

What to do if you have a severe urine odor?

If the odor is severe, the padding beneath the carpet may need to be replaced and the sub floor treated. We also treat the face fibers with enzymes, allow time to dwell, and then extract the enzymes. If the urine is covering over half of the carpet, it may be more cost effective to replace the room of carpeting. We normally only recommend this procedure if the pet is no longer in the home.

Is vomit removable from carpeting?

Yes, normally. However, the chances are reduced if an improper spot removal solution has been applied to the stain before our arrival. Also, some cat food has a red dye that permanently stains some nylon carpets. This dye is similar to the kool aid type of dye. If this occurs, we have a red dye removal system that can remove most cat vomit stains (a small extra fee applies).

What can you do for recurring urine spots?

First, we use our urine probe to determine exactly where the spot is. Next, we flood the area with a deodorizer mixture and allow the mixture to dwell. Last, we use our “water claw” spot lifter to pull the urine directly from the padding. This process eliminates 90% of all urine problems. If you have us do this process and the spot does return, we’ll come back at no charge to attempt removal again (we can only guarantee no spots returning on urine if the claw process is performed).

Do you have a 100% Guarantee on Pet Odors?

Unfortunately there is no way to completely guarantee odors of any type. The reason is that the odor may not only be in the carpet. It may be under the padding on the cement or wood beneath the carpet. It may also be on the baseboards, drapes, walls, etc. Furthermore, one cleaning may not be sufficient to take care of a severe urine odor. Sometimes return trips are necessary.

We've made friends with pet owners and great pets all throughout the Tri-Valley area. We take pride in helping people who care so lovingly for companion animals to keep a tidy and appealing home. From our local Livermore, CA office, we will send out friendly and skilled carpet cleaning technicians to offer you the absolute best in pet stain and pet odor removal.

Call now to book your appointment: (925) 570-0833.

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