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Eminent Carpet Cleaning Explains Why Steam Cleaning Your Carpets is the Best Method?

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Carpets, while soft and pleasant to walk on, can be a hassle to maintain without the right equipment. If they aren’t cared for properly, carpets can become unsightly and smelly, as well as harbor allergens. Vacuuming is essential to maintaining your carpet, as it helps to remove dirt from the surface and keeps the level of soil in the carpet pile at an acceptable level. Vacuuming alone will not maintain the appearance of your carpet, however.


Residential carpets need to be deep cleaned approximately every 12 to 18 months, depending on the amount and type of activity, the color of the carpet, the type of fiber, etc. Carpets in commercial buildings typically need to be cleaned more frequently because of the heavy foot traffic.


It’s possible to rent small carpet cleaning units and clean your carpets by yourself, but these small units are not as effective as the commercial carpet cleaning units that professional carpet cleaners use. To completely remove trapped residues and soil from your carpet, it’s necessary to hire a professional carpet cleaner.


Why Carpet Cleaning Is Crucial


Maintaining a clean carpet is critical for asthma and allergy sufferers, as well as people with small children. If you have a baby who crawls, for instance, giving your carpet a deep cleaning on a regular basis is important because babies put their hands in their mouths often. By keeping your carpet clean, you’ll help to keep your baby healthy.


If your carpet is dirty, it also affects the indoor air quality of your home. A carpet with a lot of dirt, dust, and dust mite excrement may release allergens into the air that trigger asthma, eczema, and allergic nasal mucous membrane inflammations.  


Benefits of Steam Cleaning


Nearly all carpet and carpet fiber manufacturers recommend steam cleaning, and for good reason. Steam cleaning is the only true deep cleaning method for carpets. Steam isn’t actually used because the temperature of the cleaning solution never gets high enough to generate steam. However, a spray made with hot water and detergent is applied to the carpet to dissolve dirt, dust, grease, and debris. A powerful vacuum is used to remove the water and dirt.


Other carpet cleaning methods only clean the surface of your carpet and are incapable of removing dirt from deep in the carpet pile. Moreover, other carpet cleaning methods tend to leave detergent residue on the carpet.  


Steam cleaning is the best way to clean your carpets because not only does it remove dirt, it also removes allergens. This method is particularly advantageous in homes and commercial buildings with tightly woven carpets that trap dirt a normal vacuum isn’t capable of removing. Steam cleaning is also beneficial for homes with pets. Steam cleaning sanitizes and deodorizes your carpet, so it looks and smells as good as new again.


DIY vs. Professional Carpet Cleaning


Some people take the DIY approach to save money. While there’s nothing wrong with being self-reliant, when it comes to carpet cleaning, it’s advisable to rely on the services of a professional. If steam cleaning isn’t performed correctly, the carpet and padding can get soaked, encouraging mold and mildew growth. Another issue is that people often use too much detergent, which leaves dirt-attracting residue in their carpets.


Achieve Amazing Results with a Professional Steam Cleaning Service


To maximize the results of steam cleaning, hire a professional carpet cleaner to get the job done right. Eminent Carpet Cleaning is a professional cleaning company located in Livermore, CA that also serves clients in Dublin CA, Pleasanton CA, San Ramon CA, and the rest of the Tri-Valley area. When performing steam cleaning, Eminent Carpet Cleaning applies a topical treatment called Dust Mite Anti-Allergen. Made with all natural, non-toxic ingredients, this product neutralizes allergens and renders them harmless. For more information about our steam cleaning services and how they can alleviate the symptoms of asthma, eczema, and other dust-sensitive conditions, please call (925)570-0833 or fill out our online contact us form

Eminent Carpet Cleaning Explains 5 Carpet Cleaning Services In San Ramon CA and Dublin CA: Which Is the Best for you?

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From dirt to dust to mold, there are a number of elements that can accumulate on residential and commercial carpets. It’s important to vacuum soil from your carpet on a regular basis because it can damage the fibers. The problem is that vacuuming only removes surface dirt. In order to remove grease, oil, and soil from carpet pile, employing more thorough carpet cleaning methods is essential.


1.     Shampooing method


Shampooing is the oldest, most well-known carpet cleaning method. It involves applying hot water cleaning solution to your carpet and rubbing it in with a motorized circular brush. You have to shampoo one section of your carpet at a time, going over each section at least once or twice. As the shampoo dries, it attracts soil. When it’s completely dry, which is usually the next day, you have to vacuum the shampoo residue and soil.


The shampooing method has many disadvantages. Cylindrical foam shampoo machines tend to leave dirt trapped in the carpet pile, while rotary brush machines may cause over-wetting and damage. The detergents that carpet shampoos contain may leave a sticky residue on your carpet that is a magnet for dirt.


2.     Foam method


The foam method works like the shampooing method. You add cleaning solution to the motorized circular brush, but instead of brushing it directly into your carpet, you let the machine spin and whip the cleaning solution into foam. You apply the foam to your carpet and let it dry for an hour or two. The dirt in the carpet attaches to the foam’s residue. Once the foam dries, you vacuum your carpet thoroughly.


Like the shampooing method, the foam carpet cleaning method does not remove dirt effectively because a vacuum cannot remove foam residue completely. As a result, dust sticks to the residue and begins to accumulate in the carpet.


3.     Dry-extraction method

During the dry-extraction carpet cleaning procedure, a dry absorbent compound is sprinkled on the carpet and worked into the pile with a machine. You leave the compound in the carpet for about a half hour so that it attracts and absorbs soil. Then, you vacuum the carpet thoroughly to remove the compound and dislodged soil. Otherwise, the powdery compound’s residue may eventually show up on your shoes or the cuffs of your pants. Extremely fine powder compounds may even affect your home’s indoor air quality.


4.     Bonnet method


The bonnet method is similar to the shampooing process in that you have to spray chemicals into the fibers of your carpet. The chemicals cause dirt to percolate up to the surface of your carpet. A rotary floor machine with a round absorbent spinning pad attached is used to remove the dirt. The problem with the bonnet method is that the spinning bonnet can distort your carpet’s fibers and leave swirl marks.


5.     Steam cleaning method


The steam cleaning method, also known as the hot water extraction method, is the most effective way to deep clean your carpet and is highly recommended by carpet manufacturers. Contrary to popular belief, the steam cleaning method does not employ steam. A hot water cleaning solution is pressure pumped onto your carpet and then immediately extracted along with dissolved soil using a high-pressure vacuum.


The steam cleaning method is powerful because it utilizes heated water, which helps to break up grease, debris, and dirt. As your carpet dries, it will look as good as new again. The only drawback of the steam cleaning method is that it can soak your carpet if it isn’t done correctly. The key is to apply enough moisture to clean all the way down to the bottom of the carpet fiber, but not so much that the carpet backing gets soaked. To avoid problems and achieve the best possible results, it’s preferable to hire a professional to steam clean your carpet for you.


Want to Hire a Professional Carpet Cleaner in California’s Tri-Valley Area?


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Carpet Steam Cleaning

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Carpet Steam Cleaning Is the Best

Some people have a lot of concerns about the results of carpet steam cleaning. They worry there might be shrinkage or sometimes even issues about the carpet getting soaked and other over-wetting issues.

This will not happen because if you have a strong carpet cleaning unit like Eminent Carpet Cleaning your carpets will only be damp for a couple of hours.

This is not only an extremely effective cleaning method, but also it is  safe for babies or pets to immediately crawl or walk on the carpet.

The dry chemical agents typically rub the surface. Steam cleaning offers extraction of all grime, dirt, debris as well as molds, bacteria, mildew, dust mites, animal dander viruses and pollen. Carpet cleaning takes place even below the surface and this will provide a more lasting clean, because of rinsing and hot water extraction.

Because of the efficiency, carpet steam cleaning is recommended to be used on carpet mills. It is excellent to be used not only to remove entire dirt particles but it also has the capacity to leave no remains behind thanks to the rinsing strokes that are executed at the end of every carpet cleaning cycle.

All these systems have the capacity of extracting moisture.

Drying time is reduced to as little as two hours in some cases, but this depends on the material. Carpet steam cleaning is performed by industry experts that know which agents and machines to use on every type of fabric your carpet might be comprised of. 

Eminent Carpet Cleaning will always give you a guarantee that your carpet will be cleaned thoroughly and in most cases you will normally not be charged if you are not satisfied with the service. Any service that offers this guarantee is definitely going to get the job done professionally.