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5 Fantastic Reasons to Choose Livermore’s Eminent Carpet Cleaning

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There are more than a dozen carpet cleaning companies in the city of Livermore, California. If you have never had your carpets professionally cleaned, are new to the area and haven’t picked a favorite carpet cleaner, or are dissatisfied with a previous cleaner’s past work, we’d like to take a moment to tell you what sets Eminent Carpet Cleaning apart on the local business scene.

We’re Proudest of the Things You’ll Love Best!
In the years we’ve spent serving the Tri-Valley area, the qualities we’ve learned to take most pride in are the ones our customers tell us make the biggest difference to them. It might be a difference in convenience, a difference in work that’s guaranteed, or just a friendlier approach to helping you keep a spotless home. If you call Eminent Carpet Cleaning, we believe that the following difference-makers will ensure that we become your favorite carpet cleaning company.

1) Our Company Owner is On the Job, Every Job
What this means to you: Because owner Adrian Guinn personally oversees every carpet cleaning project, you know that work in your home is being done with maximum skill and maximum accountability. Many other carpet cleaning businesses send out cleaners who may be on the lower rungs of the staff. Having Eminent Carpet Cleaning’s owner present means that you are dealing directly with the head of the company.

2) We Guarantee Our Work
What this means to you: Because we stand by our 30-day spot removal guarantee, this means our skilled professional cleaners spare no effort in getting the job done right the first time. We do not rush through jobs. When we arrive at your home, you can expect a deep, professional cleaning. If any spots reappear within 30 days, we will return and re-clean them at no extra charge to you. Guaranteed!

3) We Have an A+ BBB Rating and Awesome Yelp Reviews
What this means to you: On the one hand, we’ve received the highest possible rating from professional standard-setter, the Better Business Bureau, meaning you can feel secure in our long track record of success. At the same time, if you tend to put most faith in what your neighbors say about the quality of Tri-Valley area businesses, our reviews on Yelp speak volumes about why we’re our customers’ favorite local carpet cleaning service. We want to become your favorite, too!

4) The Best Tools Mean the Most Convenience For You
What this means to you: Eminent Carpet Cleaning has made a substantial investment in the best professional carpet cleaning tools on the market. Included in our tool lineup are custom-made inline filters that generate quicker carpet drying times than any other local company can provide. This means that your household can be back to walking on your carpets in the least possible amount of time. This makes a huge difference for customers with busy schedules.

5) We Think Friendliness Matters in Business
What this means to you: For most people, having service providers come for appointments represents some measure of inconvenience. We’ve learned that it makes a big difference to our customers if everyone on our staff is a pleasure to work with. We hire professionals you’ll be happy to have in your home. We drive company vehicles, wear company uniforms and treat every neighbor with care and respect. We always want you to be glad that Eminent Carpet Cleaning is on the job.

Eminent Carpet Cleaning offers both residential and commercial carpet cleaning in Livermore, Pleasanton, Dublin, San Ramon and Mountain House, California. We know that you have dozens of local carpet cleaning services to choose from. We hope that our short list of our customers’ favorite Eminent Carpet Cleaning attributes will help you decide that we are a company you’d like to do business with. We are here to serve you and ready to take your call.

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How Carpet Reduces Allergies: Studies With Surprising Results!

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If members of your household suffer from asthma and allergies, you would do anything to reduce their symptoms, and you may be surprised to learn that carpet has repeatedly been linked to lower incidence of these types of conditions. If you're concerned that carpet is actually contributing to household allergies, these studies may help you to think again:
Notes From New Jersey
A four year survey of 4,634 school-age children in Passaic, New Jersey cited carpeting as a possible protective influence against allergies and asthma. Students with carpeting in their bedrooms required less asthma medication and had fewer school absences.
The Swedish Study
In the 1970s, much of the population of Sweden became concerned that carpeting was making their homes unhealthy. As a result, use of carpet decreased by about 70% in the two decades which followed. A fascinating study linked this decline in carpet usage to an attendant 30% rise in allergies. Once again, carpet appeared to be helping rather than aggravating allergic reactions. As a result of this study, carpeting is once again a popular floor covering in Sweden.

A Third Study Explains It All
The key to understanding how carpets could actually help allergy and asthma sufferers experience less symptoms lies in the function carpeting plays in the household environment. A third study discovered that a key difference between hard and soft flooring is that less allergy-causing particles are disturbed when the flooring is carpet. Carpet's ability to trap allergens may make breathing easier for everyone in your home, office building or school.
If you are considering removing your home's carpeting because you've assumed it makes the home less healthy, we hope you'll read these three studies before switching to hard flooring. As we've learned, having wall-to-wall carpeting that is professionally cleaned on an annual or semi-annual basis may actually improve the health of household.
Scientists and home owners aren't the only ones who are ready to give carpet a second chance. If you watch some of the most interesting home design shows on television, you may notice that designers are incorporating modern carpets into beautiful rooms, too. Of course, you can choose to carpet your home in a neutral, high-end Berber carpet, but the latest innovations in Berber offer a ton of options in both texture and pattern that can complement all elements of your home decor. Modern carpets can be flecked like elegant tweed, feature yarns applied in floral or geometric patterns and have short or luxuriantly deep piles.
It makes sense to consider how busy your household is. Some carpets are designed to stand up better to heavy foot traffic than others, but even highly durable carpets are now manufactured in a variety of colors, patterns and textures that offer both serviceability and visual appeal to any home. And, bear in mind that a professional carpet cleaning team like ours has the tools and skills to dramatically improve the cleanliness and appearance of carpeting, even in very busy, high-traffic abodes.
Studies support carpeting as a tool for improving health for people with allergies and asthma. Talented designers support carpeting as an incredible design feature. Eminent Carpet Cleaning supports your household with professional carpet cleaning services that will keep your floors hygienic and beautiful, year after year.


See Our Tile and Grout Cleaning Service in Action in San Ramon

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Curious about the value of investing in the services of a professional tile and grout cleaning company? Take just one minute to watch this quick video and you'll see with your own eyes the incredible transformation of a tile floor from grimy to gorgeous in the home of one of your neighbors in San Ramon:


Tile and grout our company cleaned in San Ramon, CAWhat Makes Tile Floors So Tough To Clean?
San Ramon locals know their town is famous for being a windy region. Frequent winds kick up an extra load of dust into the air. This builds up on floors in addition to the dirt and mud tracked into any busy household. When you add food spills and pet stains to the mix, you're dealing with a lot of soil on a major, visible surface in your home. Over time, it's easy to see that the surface has become dingy, but the real proof of soil build-up can be seen in the grout between the tiles.

Because the grout is typically slightly indented on most tile floors, it's extremely difficult to get a thorough cleaning with over-the-counter cleaning tools. Additionally, most household cleaning products leave unwanted residues that actually have the effect of increasing the accumulation of dirt on tile floors. If it has been a while since you had your kitchen or bathroom floor professionally cleaned, take a glance at your grout and you'll be almost certain to see that tell-tale darkening of the borders around each tile.

There is no avoiding the gradual soiling of your tile floors, even if you keep a beautifully clean home. When you're ready for a truly thorough clean, please consider Eminent Carpet Cleaning.

What Our Tile Cleaning Company Can Do For Your Floors
Our customers on Yelp say we go the extra mile to provide service that exceeds expectations. We earn this kind of exceptional feedback by putting your needs first and ensuring that each step of the process is handled with care. Here's what you can expect when you contact us for tile and grout cleaning services in San Ramon:

Results of our San Ramon tile cleaning service

1) Expect a free estimate. Call (925) 570-0833 for a fair and honest estimate with no upsell or hidden costs.
2) Expect prompt, courteous professional service.
3) Expect our trained technicians to utilize the best products on the market when cleaning your floors. We stand behind the power of DuPont™ StoneTech® Professional KlenzAll™ Heavy Duty Stone & Tile Cleaner to cut through even very heavy grime and oil. 
4) Expect extra protection for your floor. After we have cleaned your tile and grout, we will seal it for a longer lasting clean. After being sealed, your tile floors should be maintained and washed with hot water only to avoid the residues other cleaning products can leave.
5) Expect to love your newly-cleaned floors. The cleanliness of your flooring makes a huge visual impact on the overall appearance of your home.

First-time customers become long-term clients of Eminent Carpet Cleaning because of our commitment to immaculate cleanliness. We take as much pride in your spotless tile floors as you do!

Call (925) 570-0833 to book your tile and grout cleaning appointment today!

See Great Results From A Recent Tile Cleaning Project in Dublin, CA

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Our name says we do carpets – but Dublin, California neighbors know we're really proud of delivering the finest local tile cleaning results, too! Check out this video and see us take a tile floor in Dublin from grimy to gleamingly clean! What we did for this homeowner, we can do for you, too and at a great price.



The Real Dirt on Tile Floors

It's a funny thing about tile floors. In most homes in the Tri-Valley area, tile is found in the two rooms most closely associated with the need to maintain a sanitary environment: the bathroom and the kitchen. Tile floors look so spotless and beautiful when they are first installed, and they are meant to be easy to clean, but no other surface looks dirtier faster than a tile floor.

Whether you've got dark tile with light streaks all over it, or light-colored tile growing dingy and grey, a dirty tile surface makes a whole room look messy and worn. Are you finding that you're embarrassed directing company to your guest bathroom? Or, perhaps, you're about to put an apartment up for rent or your home up for sale and the kitchen and bathroom floors are bringing the visual appeal and value of the whole property down.

That's a sure sign it's time to phone Eminent Carpet Cleaning at (925) 570-0833 to light up your life with a powerful session of professional tile cleaning!

We'll Revive Your Tile Floors in 5 Easy Steps

We clean ceramic tile, porcelain tile and natural stone floors. We make the process of having your floors cleaned as easy as possible for you.

Step 1. Call us and invite us out to join you in a visual inspection of your tile floors. Our friendly, trained technicians will look closely at the whole area and make sure there are no damaged grout areas.

Step 2. Our company vehicle and technician arrive at your home to pre-spray the tile and grout. We utilize a very special solution that will break down the buildup of grease and oils on your floor.

Step 3. Don't feel ashamed if your floor has gotten really dirty. We can agitate the pre-spray in the grout with a grout brush, if necessary.

Step 4. We fire up our truck-mounted machine to rinse away the pre-spray with hot water at a very high pressure. Your floor will be looking fantastic by now!

Step 5. If you like, we can professionally seal your grout after cleaning the floor. Sealing the grout will prolong the new cleanly appearance of your floor.

Trust Our Tools – Trust Our People

If you watched our video, you were seeing the professional tile cleaner's #1 choice for open area cleaning: the Turbo Hybrid. This remarkable tool enables us to apply up to 2,500 psi of pressure to the dirt on your floors. We can typically clean between 500 and 1000 square feet of tile flooring in about an hour, and thanks to the automatic vacuum compensator in the Turbo Hybrid, your floors will be dry very quickly. At Eminent Carpet Cleaning, we believe you deserve to have the very best tools used in home cleaning appointments, and that's why we've invested in the Turbo Hybrid.

To deliver 5 star satisfaction, it's our policy to put our professional tools in the right hands. We employ trained technicians who take personal satisfaction in hard work and a job well done. Our employees wear company uniforms, drive company vehicles and speak English. Your home will be treated with respect by every technician at Eminent Carpet Cleaning.

Phone Eminent Carpet Cleaning and Take Pride Once Again in Your Shining Tile Floors! Call (925) 570-0833.

Avoid Home Vacuum Systems That Lack Power To Clean Deeply

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Imagine conducting this test:
You wake up one morning in Dublin, California, go into the kitchen, lie down flat and rub your hair all over the tile floor. Next, you proceed out to the front lawn and roll your head back and forth in the grass. You move onto the sidewalk, trailing your hair all along the squares and cracks and then roll on out to the street where you take a few more rolls across the asphalt. You end up in one of the local Dublin shopping center parking lots, like Hacienda Crossings on Dublin Boulevard.
Dirt, dust, oil, grime, muck, dandruff…your hair and scalp are literally covered with this now, so you hurry home to the shower. There, you get your head wet, load on the shampoo…but don't rinse anything off. You step out of the shower worse off than you were before. Blech!
That's precisely what you are doing to your home's carpets if you are renting or using a wet home vacuum cleaner such as a Rug Doctor or Bissell. Your shoes are tracking in a world of soil every day and grinding it deep into your carpets. The vacuum systems you can rent or purchase simply add water and shampoo to the problem. They do not have the power to truly pry up all that ground-in grime and they leave worrisome moisture and a film of soap hiding at the root of every fiber.
At Eminent Carpet Cleaning, our technicians are on the road every day, getting one-on-one with dirty carpets. Here's a typical scenario I've experienced time and again when coming to provide an assessment and quote for professional carpet cleaning services in Dublin, CA.
The customer has called me because, despite regular home vacuuming, their carpeting has grown oddly dingy, stained in high-traffic areas, and may even have developed a musty odor. I and all of my technicians arrive and make a very close inspection of the carpet.
"What are you using to vacuum?" I ask, already forming a guess from what I have seen during the inspection.
"One of those Rug Doctor wet vacs, but it just doesn't seem to be doing the job," the customer so often replies.
"Do you know you'd be better off just using a dry vac for weekly maintenance and calling in a professional once or twice a year for a deep clean? What you're doing is actually hurting your carpets," I deliver the bad news.
My inspection reveals that the roots of the carpet are caked with soil, giving an overall dirty or discolored appearance. The lighter in tone a carpet in your home is, the likelier it is to take on a soiled appearance faster. If you've been using a shampooing vacuum cleaner, the moisture may even have caused your carpets to come loose and there may be water damage to the backing because of what the home vacuum is leaving behind. This can create a situation in which mold can begin growing, and at the very least, is creating an unsanitary and unsightly environment.
The Professional Carpet Cleaning Difference
Even the most expensive home carpet cleaning system cannot compete with the power of a truck-mounted professional carpet cleaning machine. We use the Hydramaster RX-20 Rotary Carpet Extractor. Eminent Carpet Cleaning is one of the only local carpet cleaning companies that has invested in this truly superior system.
When we clean your carpets, ground-in dirt and shampoo residue get sucked away by awesome vacuum power. All moisture will be removed, preventing damage to your carpet's fibers and backing.
Remember, too, that our trained technicians do all the work for you. Let us get your carpet the cleanest it's ever been while you spend your time on things you'd rather be doing.
Add all this up and you will find that you are better off hiring a professional carpet cleaning company like Eminent Carpet Cleaning once or twice a year rather than renting or spending money on a home vacuum that is bound to do your carpets more harm than good over time.
Why not phone (925) 570-0833 for a prompt, affordable quote for professional carpet cleaning in Dublin, CA today?